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Although asset protection is usually the primary reason for incorporating or forming a registered partnership, it can be the first step in a comprehensive strategy that will prepare you for the growth of your company.


The Smeberg Law Firm is proactive in protecting our clients and planning for their futures and the futures of their businesses.


During our free, initial consultations, we listen very carefully to the goals and concerns of Texas business owners. Some are startups and the new business owner needs more care and counsel than an experienced owner who is adding to or adjusting his or her business empire. Our San Antonio business formation lawyers will meet you at your level of need. Contact us to make an appointment to discuss your business matter with our attorneys, at no cost or obligation.

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In addition to effective litigation, the Smeberg Law Firm offers other means of resolving legal matters. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, cost-efficient legal representation. This can be especially important for new business owners.


We have become well-known for our innovative tactics that help business owners with their legal needs, while keeping an eye on their budgets. In some cases, we have encouraged business owners with specific skills to provide some of their own documents, which can be an effective, albeit novel, way to save money on legal costs.


This type of out-of-the-box thinking defines our approach to the law. As business owners, we understand your concerns and we are committed to resolving your issues, while respecting your bottom line.


Please contact us so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your business matter, at no cost or obligation.

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