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The construction law attorneys at the Smeberg Law Firm have represented numerous residential and commercial contractors with legal needs such as drafting and reviewing contract documents, filing liens to secure payment, and pursuing and defending a wide range of claims.

Our legal team also handles legal matters involving:

  • Material liens and mechanic's liens

  • Asserting lien rights on homestead property

  • Contract — negotiations, drafting and review

  • Architect/subcontractor agreements — drafting and review

  • Litigation between general contractors, subcontractors and owners

  • Negotiating government contracts

Serving business owners, coporations and individuals. 
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Contract Negotiation Lawyers With Experience Handling Texas Liens Throughout Bexar County


Although liens are commonly used to secure payment for unpaid invoices, the process can become complicated due to Texas lien laws. Various sections of the law apply only to certain types of payments, different types of contractors and different categories of contractors.

Texas courts tend to vary on how they enforce liens when there is a dispute or mistake, and that can easily occur when trying to follow the complex Texas lien laws.

For example, on commercial projects, an original contractor must file their lien by the 15th day of the fourth month after the last day of the month, in which the owner terminates the original contract or the last day of the month, in which the original contract is completed, finally settled or abandoned. For residential projects, that time period is shortened by one month, and the deadline for filing liens occurs on the 15th day of the third month following contract termination, completion, settlement or abandonment. After filing the lien, the contractor must send a copy of the lien to the owner (or reputed owner) by certified or registered mail within five days.


If you need to file a Texas lien, it is best to minimize the chance of encountering problems by contacting our experienced legal team. Our San Antonio construction law lawyers will discuss your circumstances, at no charge or obligation, so you can make important decisions about how to proceed.


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