San Antonio International Consulting Attorneys 

The Smeberg Law Firm provides international consulting services to foreign nationals who wish to start a business in Texas or invest in a business in the U.S. We will carefully evaluate your business goals and help you develop a custom business strategy that meets your needs.

Experienced Help With Mexican Businesses, Investments and Immigration in Texas

At our firm, we work with accountants, immigration attorneys, business brokers and other professionals to create a smooth transition to the United States for your business. We will handle all elements of setting up the business or investment for you, including:

  • Business formation — forming limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations and partnerships in Texas

  • Due diligence — investigating and evaluating business and investment opportunities in the U.S., including franchises

  • Negotiations — negotiating contracts and purchase agreements for property and businesses in the U.S.

  • Supplies and goods — coordinating the import and export of goods

  • Real estate — negotiating leases or buying real estate for your business

  • Immigration process — coordinating the immigration process along with the creation of a business by communicating with immigration attorneys and other professionals

  • Investment visas — including E-2 investment visas for Mexican investors in Texas businesses, L-1 intra-company visas to transfer executives and managers to the U.S. for a business and EB-5 immigrant investor visas for investors who invest a substantial amount in the U.S. and create 10 permanent U.S. jobs

Why Invest in San Antonio?

San Antonio has a strong economy, even during these tough economic times. Commercial and residential real estate is reasonably priced in the San Antonio area. Most importantly, Texas has some of the lowest taxes in the U.S., for both individuals and businesses.

Additionally, San Antonio is a comfortable place to live, work and raise your family. There are good schools and a thriving Hispanic community in our area. There are plenty of opportunities for you and your loved ones.

Contact a Bexar County Lawyer About Mexican Business Formation in the San Antonio Area

To learn more about the benefits of investing in the San Antonio area, contact us. In a free, initial consultation, our Texas business attorneys can help you understand your options and develop a plan for growing your business in the U.S.

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